The History Behind Leather Boots

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Leather was first applied in footwear in the ancient Mesopotamia around 5000 years ago, where the Mesopotamians fashioned simple shoes for the protection of their feet’s soles from the rough terrain. By the 1600s, many parts of the world wore leather boots, both for protection, and as a fashion statement. South Americans are probably the ones who have made both jeans and boots as high fashion statements. It is mainly their contribution that has made booth almost an indispensible item in everybody’s wardrobe.


Nowadays, the boots are available in countless styles for both men and women. You will find them indifferent textures and colours. The form of this classic footwear has become as imperative as the function. You can wear them in any season, whether it is summer or winter.

Leather is such a durable material but it can start looking old if it’s not taken care of properly, and this is particularly correct for boots. You can extend the life of leather boots by taking good care of them and doing some maintenance often. Whether it is a pair of rugged outdoorsy men’s boots or the high-fashion women’s boots, getting rid of the dirt on the leather surface and applying a shiny coat will make your boots to always look new.

The beauty of any leather material is that it develops its own finish as it continues to age. It is an organic material that has the ability to stretch and shape to your contours, literally fitting like a second skin. But just as your skin would look dull and tired if you didn’t take care of it, the leather will behave in the same manner. The most common and obvious way to maintain that perfect look in your boots is polishing them regularly. Not only will this enhance your boots’ look and protect them from scuffmarks, but also help to waterproof the leather surface and shield them from elements.

What is the type of leather that makes your boots; finished or unfinished? Finished leather is most common in women’s footwear. The unfinished leather is generally only found on work boots and should be treated differently than boots that have finished leather. A simple test can be done to determine the type of leather boots that you have:

Place a little amount of leather cleaner (foam is preferable) on the leather boot. It is recommended to use a leather cleaner for this test; if you use water, some leathers needs to have been hydrophobated (made waterproof) and this will give a false impression of a finish. In case the cleaner is absorbed readily, the boots are unfinished. If the solution stays on the surface for some time, there is some finish on the leather. The rate of absorption indicates the strength of the finish.

Oil is the best thing for unfinished boots; use Neatsfoot oil or any other type of air conditioning oils such as the one used for baseball gloves or saddles. Simply apply a little amount on the leather and leave it to absorb overnight. Use a soft cloth to remove any surfeit oil. Finished leather can be maintained by any high grade polish such the one used to maintain the burnish on military boots. You can always follow the directions on the polish container for the best results.

If you give your leather boots good care they should last for a very long time, making them a permanent addition to your wardrobe that will give you years of comfort, protection and style.

Women’s boots are quite trendy, and you can team them up with all kinds of dresses.


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