The Secrets to a Picture Perfect Complexion

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One thing many women crave is a picture perfect complexion. Nobody wants tired looking, dull, dry, flaky, patchy skin – but sometimes it just can’t be helped, it could be down to the climate, what time of the month it is, or what you’ve eaten recently. But fear no more; you can make your skin look and feel good from the inside out with these skin care secrets!

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Eat Food to Glow

The first secret to getting a picture perfect complexion is to eat foods to glow. They’ll help your skin look good from the inside, so it shows on the outside. For example:





Red grapes


Brown rice





Cottage cheese

Sweet potato

Green tea

Your goal should be to eat as many, whole, natural foods as possible containing as little ingredients as possible. The more ingredients a product has, the worse it is for you and the more your skin will suffer.

Exercise Daily

Some form of exercise every day will get your blood pumping, metabolism working harder and your skin glowing. Exercise has many other benefits too; weight loss, inch loss, muscle gain, the production of endorphins, and more. What better reason do you need?

Book in At a Salon

Find a reputable salon in your area and go for a consultation to see if they have any skin treatments that suit your skin type and own individual needs. You might want a winter facial, or perhaps a skin pigmentation treatment if you have an uneven, patchy skin tone.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise to Suit Your Skin

Failing to cleanse, tone, and moisturise is a skin crime in itself, but if you’re using products that aren’t suited to your skin, you could find that they’re even more damaging. A skin type is usually either; normal, oily, combination, dry, or sensitive. You can find plenty of products out there to suit all skin types, but if you’re not sure what your skin type is you can go and ask somebody at a beauty counter who should be able to help you. You might even have to try out a few different products before you settle on something that really suits you! Read reviews online to get a good idea of what a product is like, just remember that you’re an individual and something that works for you may not work for somebody else, and vice versa.

Apply Your Makeup Properly

One of the worst things you can do to ruin a picture perfect complexion is to apply your makeup in a lapsy daisy way. Here are some expert tips so you’re camera ready:

  • Apply makeup on a perfectly clean face so you have a blank canvas.

  • Apply a good primer before the rest of your makeup to smooth out imperfections and hold it in place.

  • Apply your foundation with a brush for a professional finish, blending out with your fingers afterwards.

  • Get your foundation matched at a beauty counter to find the best shade for you.

  • Use a quality concealer to hide dark circles and imperfections.

Don’t shy away from the camera for a second longer – put these tips to use and get your skin looking radiant in no time!


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