The Ultimate Guide to Red Carpet Glam

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Award season is in full swing, and every celebrity is desperate to look their best on the red carpet. Although the invitations to ceremonies may not be flooding your letterbox, award season is still the perfect excuse to try out a bit of red carpet glam yourself. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to achieving that red carpet look, which is guaranteed to turn heads.

Jen Su on SAFTAS Red Carpet

Picking the outfit

This is probably going to be the most time consuming part of any red carpet outfit; what to wear? Take inspiration from your favourite celebrities by trawling through the internet and checking out who wore what to the latest award ceremony. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bulging bank account, there’s always somewhere to find celebrity dresses to fit your budget. The more glamorous, the better, so think long prom dresses and lots of sparkles. If you want to dress down your red carpet look, then try to match a pencil skirt with a beautiful blouse and lots of accessories. Don’t forget the high heels and a clutch bag to finish it off.

Hair and Make Up

Going back to the inspirational pictures you’ve chosen, take a look at the make up. It’s always much more natural than over the top. Okay, so there may be a light brush of bronzer and some red lipstick, but we’re not seeing a lot of dark eyeshadow or false eyelashes. Let your dress do the talking, as opposed to going overboard with makeup. As for hair, this depends on the length and style you usually go for. If you really want to impress then go for something completely different to what you’re used to. For example, if your hair is normally poker straight then get the curlers out and vice versa.Your friends won’t believe their eyes if you go for a completely different style. No ponytails allowed!


There’s no point in making yourself look amazing, if you don’t feel amazing! So you’re wearing something a bit more glam than you’re used to, the hair and makeup are different, and now you’re getting worried. What if no one likes my look? What if I get laughed at? Stop! Plonk yourself in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful and that you look incredible. Now keep telling yourself until you actually believe it. You’re not leaving that house until you feel a million dollars, and trust us, you LOOK a million dollars. We’ve got a little secret for you; celebrities feel the same as you! They get that niggling feeling before they leave the house that no one will like their outfit or that they hit those ‘worst dressed’ lists. If you are still concerned about your outfit choices then invite the girls round for a pre-party cocktail. It is a huge confidence booster if someone else tells you that you look stunning.

You’ve got on your dress, your hair and makeup looks gorgeous, and you’ve convinced yourself that you’re going to be the belle of the ball. Now, get out there and dazzle!




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