Three Things You Will Want Your Mascara to Do for You

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What is there to know about mascara? After all, it’s one of the most essential tools for make-up, right alongside lipstick, foundation, and eye-liner. Toss in some eye shadow, and you’re basically good to go for the rest of the day. However, as is the case with most things beauty and style-related, the market is now diverse enough to have room for a wide range of options. Depending on what you want your mascara to do for you, most major brands will try and cater to your needs. Here are three essential things we believe most brands of mascara should be able to offer. One is more on the innovative side, while the others are as classic as they come.

Put on mascara in the blink of an eye

If you’re not shopping high-end mascara brands, you might not even be aware of this. A new technological development has given rise to the apparition of oscillating (or vibrating) mascara wands. Did you ever have to go through smudging because your hand wasn’t sure enough, when applying mascara? Well, no more of that, with this invention. Essentially, all you need to do when using this type of mascara is hold out the wand – and, presto! – you’ve got a mascara that effectively applies itself. For those still unsure of how the mechanism works, there are plenty of video tutorials available online, precisely to this end.

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Curl your lashes

Most women understand that a luscious gaze is achieved not only thanks to their long lashes (cue all those girls born with naturally long, yet sadly straight lashes). The curl factor also comes into play here, which is why most major mascara producers also carry one or several sub-brands of mascaras that will add that necessary curl oomph to your look. When shopping for this type of mascara, there are several factors to consider. First off, look at the brush with which you will be applying the mascara: you traditionally want it to be curled – but not necessarily. Some of the more innovative and high-end cosmetics brands now produce brushes that expand their volume, or brushes with retractable bristles, for curling purposes.

It’s all in the volume, baby!

Perhaps the most common reason for which women actually use mascara in the first place is to add volume where there isn’t naturally any. There are hundreds of good, or even great options for Mascara that will add volume. Yet, there are still some things to be said when shopping for such mascara. First of all, make sure that you’re not also getting some serious clumping, because of poor quality volume mascara. Secondly, the truly great types of mascara that add volume are also the ones that manage to do more than just that. Some are extra refined as not to leave even the smallest trace of clumping. Others will last for days (a brand recently launched the first ever line of three-day mascara). Then there are those which also curl up your lashes, not to mention the ones that come with a double brush: one for primer, the other one for the mascara proper. It’s entirely up to you to decide which one works best for your needs.

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