True Qualities that Modelling Agencies Look for in a Model

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onliThe world of modelling is one which is competitive, fast paced, and also mightily attractive to a great number of people. It offers the opportunity of an exciting and glamorous career, with chances to travel all over the world to exotic locations, and to experience new situations and places and meet new people.

For someone looking to break into the modelling world, a modelling agency is perhaps one of their best options for going about it. These agencies will have a vast amount of expertise and experience in the industry, and will be able to put their models in touch with a great range of clients and scenarios. However, as mentioned in the opening sentence, the modelling industry is incredibly competitive, which hundreds and thousands of people attempting to break into it and make a name for themselves each year.

Therefore, it is important for would-be models to really display the qualities that modelling agencies will be looking for when they are on the prowl for new talent. In this article, we are going to offer 10 top qualities that modelling agencies will be looking for in their potential talent.

1.  Pride in their appearance

The first thing that any self-respecting model must have is pride in their appearance, and they must take care of what they look like. It almost goes without saying, but models make their money from their looks, so they must keep themselves in good shape and take care of themselves as much as they possibly can. This can include all manner of things, from maintaining a healthy weight, to looking after their skin, for example.

2.  Stamina and energy

It may not always seem it to an outsider, but modelling can be a tiring and fast-paced job. A model must be fit and healthy, because they need to be able to work all day and still be looking great by the end of it. The best way to ensure this is for a model to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, with a good diet and regular exercise. Even if a model is too busy to be able to join a gym, for example, just adding in some walking or a light jog into one’s daily routine can prove extremely useful.

3.  Fashion consciousness

Models need to have a very good idea and understanding of fashion – what looks good and what does not, what goes with what, and what sorts of things work well if different situations. A model must be fashion conscious and have excellent knowledge of the latest trends and styles that people are going to want to see. Simply being in a modelling environment will help anyone to keep abreast of the different current fashion styles and trends.

4.  Uniqueness, and good looks in general

Something that can really help models stand out from the crowd is any uniqueness they might have, or any particular stand-out features, from particularly long legs to striking eyes, just to name two examples. Of course, it goes without saying that a model must have an element of attractiveness and good looks, but adding in a specific, unique feature can be a great way for a model to really differentiate themselves from everyone else. It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that some models are only even used for a particular part of their body. For example, there is plenty of work out there for specialist hand and foot models in the commercial market.

5.  Flexibility

When we say flexibility, we don’t mean in terms of being particularly bendy or limber – although perhaps that could help in certain shoots! What we mean is that models can open a lot more doors for themselves if they are open and flexible to all sorts of different things and different shoots. There is always going to be a massive range of different styles and types of models that are needed, so an individual who can adapt to all different types of situations can be a very attractive prospect for a modelling agency.

6.  Self-awareness and self-understanding

Although as we have just said, it can be good for a model to be flexible and open for all different sorts of jobs, it can also stand them in good stead to know what their own personal strengths are – the best styles for them, and what they are particularly strong at. Knowing themselves can help to put them in a strong position, and is also useful when it comes to meeting people, introducing yourself and explaining what sort of model you are or you wish to be.

7.  Creativity

The modelling industry is one that is built on creativity, as much as anything else. If a model is able to add in their own creative input to a particular shoot or job, it can add a whole extra dimension or dynamic to what they are doing. When trying to get picked up by a modelling agency, many would-be models will also have their own professional photos taken first – being creative in these, without going over the top, can make someone stand out and live long in the memory for all of the right reasons.

8.  Understanding of the modelling business

A model must go into the industry with a good understanding of what a job in it can entail. As has been mentioned a couple of times already, it is a competitive and hard-fought business, so a model needs to have a strong spine and willpower, with a hard skin, as it is likely they may receive some criticism, even if it is constructive. Also being ready to work hard and work long hours means it will not be something of an unpleasant surprise once someone makes it into the industry.

9.  Organisational skills

Models may have all different sorts of appointments and meetings that they need to keep to, so being properly organised is a must. Modelling agencies will not be able to hold their talent’s hands every minute of every day, so it is up to the individual to help to keep themselves organised and keep themselves abreast of all of their different appointments.

10.  Confidence

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, a model simply has to have confidence. They must have confidence in their body and how they look, so as they can portray that into their work. They must also have a confident personality in terms of being able to talk and interact with a whole range of different people, as they are likely to meet all sorts of different characters who they are working with or for, and who may even be able to help them to further their career.

So, there you have it: 10 of the top qualities that any model should have if they are looking to attract the attention of a modelling agency. Having confidence in yourself, and your own abilities, can go an awful long way, and understanding both yourself and the industry can stand you in very good stead as a starting point. Being open and flexible to new and exciting ideas can open all sorts of different pathways in a modelling career, so be ready to work hard, but with a bit of luck, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.


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