Understanding blood pressure

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blood pressure

High blood pressure is a very common phenomenon in today’s world with several people across the globe suffering from it. The pressure that builds against the arteries leads to blood pressure. However, a majority of the people remain unaware of its occurrence and continue to live their lives as normally as possible. It should be noted that being ignorant and negligent is the not the solution to treating a deadly condition that can prove to be fatal. A diploma in clinical research gives you the opportunity to understand the dynamics of various diseases and conditions and the effective ways to treat them.

This knowledge can be very useful in understanding and treating blood pressure. Patients taking medication for treating blood pressure often find themselves getting led astray as they stop using the recommended medications. Besides, nearly 85% of the people suffering from high blood pressure fail to benefit successfully from medication. This is mainly due to the ignorance of the patients and their unwillingness to comply with the physician’s advice on controlling the condition. Failure to keep up with the physician’s demands can lead to disastrous situations like failure of the heart or the brain. Besides, it also has adverse effects on the kidney and eyes of the patient. Therefore, it becomes obligatory to pay heed to your physician’s advice.

As a rule of thumb, your blood pressure must be 120/80 to fall under the fit category. As long as your blood pressure stays within 140, it can be controlled by several medications and natural methods, exercise being the most common. This stage is also known as the pre hypertensive stage wherein, several measures are taken to bring down the blood pressure levels back to 120/80. Your physician may request you to lower the intake of salt in your daily diet as well as shun smoking along with consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with good exercise in order to control the levels of cholesterol, thus helping you to bring your blood pressure under control. However, if the reading shoots up to over 140/90, you must consider yourself in some serious danger as you then fall under the hypertensive category. Diploma in clinical research helps you understand the reason behind such disorders and helps you find out effective ways to treat them or bring them under control.

Although you may be aware of blood pressure as a disorder, it is difficult to fathom the symptoms that cause a person to realize that he/she is suffering from the disorder. Therefore, blood pressure is also referred to as the silent killer. The definitive symptoms of blood pressure largely remain unknown. However, there are other symptoms that occur concurrently and can therefore be associated with blood pressure. The most common symptoms among these are nosebleeds and headaches. Besides, fatigue and constant tiredness that causes a drastic drop in facial glow can also be considered as symptoms of blood pressure. However, these are not concrete symptoms of blood pressure and they can occur in a perfectly normal person as well.

Therefore, consistently checking for high blood pressure is an excellent way to ensure that you do not fall prey to it. Sometimes, high blood pressure causes nausea, vomiting as also restlessness. At the same times, it also leads to unclear and blurry vision along with headache. This is mainly caused due to severe damage done to the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes. If unattended, this can lead to severe and permanent damage that may cause swelling to the brain and eventually coma. Therefore, it is necessary to take the required preventive measures as prescribed by your physician.

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Trudy McKellar works at a medical institute and has recently earned herself a diploma in clinical research. She is also a blogger but rarely finds the time to update it due to her busy schedule. She loves arts and craft and spends most of her weekends furnishing her home with simple crafty ideas.



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