Unveiled Beauty with Bamboo Blinds

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Stylishly fashionable clothes make it easier for you to create a positive impression. Despite what people think, only you know how much time you spent picking out the hip outfit you’re wearing. What you won’t be is the only person who knows how your clothes are factoring into how other people treat you. Although you might not have considered it, the same applies with your home.

bamboo blind

The way you decorate your home says a lot about you

Furniture, accessories and window treatments (i.e. colored shades, bamboo blinds) you decorate your home with create an impression of you. The way you decorate your home is influenced by your childhood experiences, colors you like and textures that feel best to you.


“Your budget, tastes, needs and decorating style, together with the amount of light  you wish to achieve in the room, will guide your decisions as you consider numerous possibilities. But while choosing your style of curtains make sure you pick one that fits best to the overall feel or theme of the room,” according to Deccan Chronicle.


If you are attracted to tough textures, you may want to decorate your home with woods, metals and acrylics. If softer textures appeal to you, try adding more flowers and cotton to your home. You can do this by placing throw pillows on your sofa and in the corners of your arm chairs.


To give your home a complete overhaul, it might be time to start shopping for a new living room, den or bedroom set. That, or you could re-carpet your home or paint one or more rooms. The latter option is generally less expensive than buying new furniture, so too is hanging new window treatments.


If you’re looking for products that are safe on your home and the environment, consider going natural. For example, plantation shutters, bamboo blinds and roman shades are window treatments that are made from natural materials. Bamboo blinds are made from grass, reeds and rattan.


Furthermore, you’re not on your own if you’re looking for guidance while picking the best window treatments for your home. Interior design companies that offer advice to people seeking practical tips on how to decorate their homes to get the impression they want are national as well as local brands such as Jacobs and Payless Decor. The advice is well worth it.


As Deccan Chronicle shares, “Beautiful curtains [and other window treatments] can take a room from drab to fab in mere minutes. From linen curtains to gorgeous silk panels, curtains are an easy way to add spice to any space. They give a room a finished, plus  look.” One way to save yourself the hassle of spending hours installing window treatments like drapes, curtains and bamboo blinds is to measure your windows before you visit furniture or interior design stores.


Reduce the numbers of different colors you want to get the window treatments in. For example, if you’re in the process of buying a new blue living room sofa, a pair of sky blue, white, beige or yellow window treatments could work. So too could a pair of sheer curtains.


A good way to find out how well window treatments will actually look at your home is to pay attention to how different window treatments look at stores. Browsing through home magazines is another way to get a good feel for how different window treatments work with different furniture pieces.






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