Upgrade Your Shave: A Few Simple Tips

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 Shaving is an art form. It’s something that should make you feel like a Fortune 500 CEO. It’s the moment every morning where you make yourself look good. It’s a daily tradition that should feel rejuvenating and empowering. For most men though, it doesn’t feel anything like that.


The average guy doesn’t have quite the same view on shaving. For them, it’s just another part of the morning like drinking coffee or brushing your teeth. In their view, it’s nothing special at all. They use cheap, low quality products that don’t perform very well, and despite what they think, the rest of the world can see it. Their shave isn’t very close and their skin has patches of irritation. More importantly, they lack the confidence that comes with a luxurious shave. A man who puts effort and attention into his shaving routine lights up the whole room with his ambitious and powerful aura. Here are the steps you can take to become that man.


Toss the Can


First of all, you need to get rid of your canned shaving cream. It desperately needs to go. Not only does it not offer a very good shave, it’s not healthy for your skin. There is a chemical put into those aerosol cans that acts as a propellant. This is what forces it to fly out of the can when pressure is given to the button, and that is the only function it serves. That chemical was included in the recipe for no other reason than to act as a propellant. It was added without regard for its effects on human skin. It wasn’t designed to have contact with our faces, especially not on a daily basis.


Shooting shaving cream into your hand might feel cool, but it’s terrible for you. Throw those cans away and buy real shaving cream. It comes in both small jars and tubes. It’s healthier for you and made with better ingredients that will give you a closer, smoother shave.


Get a Real Razor


It’s puzzling why anyone still uses disposable razors. They don’t perform very well or last very long, and the amount of money saved isn’t very significant. They come with very few blades and are poorly made. Because of this, they cause a great degree of irritation and possibly even draw blood.


When you upgrade to a deluxe razor, you won’t understand why you never used one before. Both straight razors and multi-bladed ones provide surprisingly close shaves while also causing virtually no irritation. The level of engineering skill that has gone into the development of some of these products would baffle you, but when they effortlessly glide across your face, it will all make sense. If you upgrade even just one part of your shaving kit, make it your razor.


Make Some New Friends


On your quest to improve your shaving kit, you’ll likely have to introduce yourself to some new items. Pre-shave oil, brushes, and after-shave aren’t part of most men’s shaving routine, but they’re essential. The only place to go that has all of these items and more is The Art of Shaving. The name doesn’t lie. They’re known as the go-to place for anything related to shaving, and their sales representatives can demonstrate, in store, the quality of their products and the difference that they make.


Indulging yourself with better shaving products can be great for your skin’s health, but it can be even better for you psychologically. A high quality, luxurious shave in the morning is the way to start off a good day. It can give you the power, confidence, and professional look needed to tackle life’s obstacles. Don’t lag behind with most guys. Upgrade your shave, and improve your quality of life in the process.


This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger interested in health and fashion related articles. When  she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga.


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