Wedding Invitation Trends

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Wedding invitations set the tone of the wedding and hint at the theme to the wedding guests. They are therefore closely linked with overall wedding themes, so the wider trends of 2013 will also be reflected in the invitations.

The Roaring Twenties

With the release of The Great Gatsby and the popularity of Boardwalk Empire, the twenties theme is set to be one of the most fabulous trends this year. Decadence and opulence are the order of the day, so it’s all about rich fabrics and subtle beaded glitziness. Think art deco when it comes to your wedding invitations; geometric shapes, shiny materials and natural motifs such as shells and sunrises are all perfect. Use dark, dramatic colours like black, purple and teal. Gold or silver foiling for the lettering would work really well with an art deco theme.

Romantic Painterly Illustration

Hand painted illustrations on your invites, perhaps of flowers, or a silhouetted couple, will look beautifully romantic. This works best in pastel shades, so if you want something bold or eye-catching, then this trend isn’t for you. Instead, if your wedding is going to be soft, romantic and quite feminine, then choose painterly illustration for your invites. Find an artist that you love, and commission a design that is personal to you as a couple before revelling in the fact that no one else will have the same as you.

Bold Rainbow Colour

We’ve seen it at weddings all over, with bridal parties often wearing striking colours. This is beginning to be reflected in wedding invitations through the use of bold colours, and even neon hues. Go for a neutral invite with a pop of exciting colour found somewhere unexpected, such as the lining of the envelope or the on the trim of the invite itself.

Traditional Lace

Lace is a trend that will stay with weddings forever, but there has been a surge of interest since Kate Middleton’s gorgeous lace wedding dress. Use it on your wedding invitations and your wedding will look traditional and formal. Use techniques such as laser cutting or letter pressing for a modern twist on an old favourite.

Your Wedding Invitations

Whether you make them yourself, you buy them readymade or you have them designed especially for you, your wedding invitations should reflect your wedding as well as your personality, giving your guests a hint of what’s to come.


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