What to do when selling a Rolex watch online

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Selling a Rolex watch shouldn’t be taken lightly. As Rolex watches are worth a lot of money, in particular rare models, it is important that its owner does everything possible so that the entire process is completed hassle-free. When deciding to sell a used Rolex watch via the World Wide Web and not a jeweller, there are many things to do, such as providing a serial number.

Find out a serial number beforehand

Offering concrete proof that a Rolex watch is genuine, a serial number should be determined so that there are no doubts about its authenticity. Even if a serial number is heavily scratched, an official Rolex dealer can confirm what it is. By asking for help from them, there won’t be any doubts about what a serial number is.

Get multiple quotes

The decision to sell a second hand Rolex watch is very similar to a vehicle because the first quote mustn’t be accepted. This is because a much higher one can be given in the future. However, after acquiring multiple quotes, there will be many to pick from. When a Rolex watch is being sold, a considerable number of quotes have to be obtained. Even if the first quote that’s given seems very reasonable, it might not be the best possible one. By getting in touch with several websites, its owner can then make a final decision on what they’ll finally accept.

Find a Certificate of Authenticity

When wanting to sell a used Rolex watch, there will be far more interest in it when a Certificate of Authenticity can be provided. As well as a serial number, a Certificate of Authenticity does prove that a Rolex watch is entirely genuine. If its owner has misplaced this document, a copy can be obtained not just from an official Rolex dealer but also once it has been serviced by an official repairer.

Be patient

The owner of a Rolex watch has to be patient when selling it. As it can take a while to find an appropriate quote, it can be very tempting to accept one that’s lower than expected. The same applies to when selling a Rolex watch via an internet auction site, such as EBay. This is because its owner should wait until a Reserve Price is met and not vice versa. Although it can take longer to sell a Rolex watch for a particularly high price, it is worth waiting for.

When selling a rare Rolex watch, its owner must bide their time before deciding what they’ll accept. As rare Rolexes are often worth a considerable sum of money, the process of selling it shouldn’t be rushed. Even if it takes several weeks to do so, it’s worth it because the asking price will more than likely be met. By being patient, the owner of a Rolex watch can research the website or bidder who wishes to buy it. They can therefore find out if they are entirely trustworthy.

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